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Hand knotted necklace using tri tourmaline beads, sterling silver finish with a pink tourmaline pendant. 

The History of Tourmaline

Rumored to be born from the rare energy of a rainbow, Tourmaline’s many shades ripple with imaginative play, joyful generosity, and attracting perfect prosperity. Created from silicate minerals, these precious stones can be found in a range of colors. One of the most well known is the midnight hued stone of the Black Tourmaline, but for those craving a splash of color, you can find Tourmaline crystals in brighter shades of pink, green, purple, and even medley like rainbow shades or the color of watermelon.

From the root chakra to the crown chakra, the heart chakra to the third eye, Tourmaline works with all the chakras to keep the energy flowing in full force. While different shades work with different chakras, the heart and the root chakra tend to be the most connected with Tourmaline. When our heart chakras are blocked we struggle to give and receive love with free authenticity and can become a little shutdown and too ready to shut others out. With a clear heart chakra, we are open and brimming with deep compassion. The root chakra is how we feel safe and steady in this wide wild world. When our root chakra is firm it is like the tree, we are able to invite our branches to grow and bloom in many different directions, all without shaking our foundations.

Green Tourmaline is the stone you want on your side if you need to practice a little more self-compassion in life.

Black Tourmaline cuts through anxiety like a hot knife through butter.

Pink Tourmaline brings gentle joy and swathes of self-love to the party.

Blue Tourmaline is all about helping you softly work through trauma to get to a place of deep and true healing.

Red Tourmaline is an excellent confidence booster and an exceptional tool for those who tend to have fallen into a state of passivity and need to take more action.