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A protective stone forever working to restore the natural harmony of all your chakras, this is the perfect gift for those who want to feel complete.

 “Life is no longer black and white, there are shades of sweetness everywhere.”

Captivating in color, Rainbow Tourmaline reflects a world of inky black nights, scattered stars, roses in bloom, rooted trees, and everything in-between. A reminder that we live our lives in technicolor, Rainbow Tourmaline is a tantalizing display of nature’s creativity. But this is a stone that serves as more than just a pretty face. Tourmaline is well-known for her sweeping healing qualities. Highly charged, bursting with protection, and ready to put you back on track, Tourmaline attracts all the positive forces in the world.

 For those who are tired of feeling like one of life’s victims and are seeking a new sense of empowerment, Rainbow Tourmaline invites you to shine. This stone can infuse you with self-confidence, rouse your inspiration, and ensure that you are well placed in the world to attract great prosperity across all avenues. But where Rainbow Tourmaline really shines is in her abundant balance.