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CREATED BY @Thewitchapprentice

Made using pure ingredients found only in nature, these essential oil products are your potent botanical portal to the universe. Think of them as healing hands, created to help you connect with the divinity of the dark side through your own sorcery.

Naturally, they’re concocted with love – and a little bit of magick. Because it’s all about good chemistry, baby.

Each oil exudes its own spiritual properties, so remember to choose your words wisely as you conjure up your wildest desires all the way from protection to abundance spells.

Happy magick-making,

Sarah @thewitchapprentice

USES: Mother moon is an integral part of witchcraft and we call upon her to bring power and strength to a lot of our magick. Most witches are very in tune to the moon and follow the lunar cycle as a guide to use for timing to cast certain spells. This potion has been made with ritual during each week of the lunar cycle- new moon, waxing moon, full moon and waning moon. It contains the power from each of those phases and can be used to draw on the moon’s strength for all of your spells and rituals. The botanicals and oils used in the potion all have a nighttime and lunar connection to enhance its abilities. Think of it as a direct line to La Luna’s power.