Mangano calcite polished stones

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This beautiful nurturing gemstone has a charm that helps lull you into a deep state of meditation and wisdom by simply looking at her. It's soft and engaging energy encourages you to have a greater appreciation of the blessings for life. Mangano calcite has soft angelic energy that is very nurturing. It has a sweet energy like cotton candy clouds. It helps one release negative emotions while providing support and lifting your spirits. It is a stone that nurtures the nurturer. (Wonderful for reiki healers/practitioners) Its soothing energy helps to heal grief, helping you to remember love and diminish the sense of loss. It helps to fill the emptiness with divine love.Β 

Mangano Calcite emits the soft yet powerful energy of the life-force. It clears negativity and elevates ones sense of purpose and power. It is an energy amplifier, a stone of universal love and has a gentle, lighthearted vibe. Pink Calcite is thought to assist the flow of energy between the Crown and Heart chakras, purging negative energy allowing old wounds to heal and new love to grow. This sweet rosey stone sends a message to the Universe that you love and accept yourself, that you deserve and desire care.Β