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Luck drawing oil - 10ml bottle 

Created by @Thewitchapprentice

Made using pure ingredients found only in nature, these essential oil products are your potent botanical portal to the universe. Think of them as healing hands, created to help you connect with the divinity of the dark side through your own sorcery.

 Naturally, they’re concocted with love – and a little bit of magick. Because it’s all about good chemistry, baby.

Each oil exudes its own spiritual properties, so remember to choose your words wisely as you conjure up your wildest desires all the way from protection to abundance spells.

Happy magick-making,

Sarah @thewitchapprentice

USES: luck, prosperity, overcoming obstacles, power, success

HOW TO USE: anoint candles and crystals to amplify their intent, add a drop to your purse or money corner to attract wealth, dab on wrists and behind ears to bring confidence to any situation, use before interviews, presentations and exams to bring in good luck, rub a drop between your palms and ask HJC to assist you in situations you are unsure of or need guidance with, use your intuition.