1984 - G1 β€˜WINDY’

1984 - G1 β€˜WINDY’

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Crystal My little pony ~repurposed with quartz crystal hair.

These are original G1 ponies, therefore they come with age and slight wear.Β 
You will receive this exact pony.

ππ€π‚πŠπ˜π€π‘πƒ π’π“πŽπ‘π˜

It was a very special day for Windy, the fastest of all the rainbow poniesΒ She was the winner of the annual Rainbow Race held at the DreamΒ CastleΒ celebration, Majesty had invited everyone to an Ice cream party.
The party was held outside in the royal courtyard. Majesty startedΒ scoopingΒ out the main colorful flavors of ice cream just when WindyΒ whistled in like a comet
"I see somethina is missing! Windy said to the sun.
With a toss of herΒ mane. she was gone on the wind.
leaving a rainbow of light in her wake.Β She stopped in the strawberry patch and a pineapple grove and even
gathered nectar from the flowers.
"These will make more than enough toppings for our ice cream sundaes!'Β she thought to herself. And with a wink of her eye, she rode the rainbowΒ all the way back to the party. Her friends were delighted and the gave
her the biggest serving of all!